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About Us

About Bhandary Builders, Mangalore

Bhandary Builders is committed to building affordable housing in desirable areas, ensuring that people in Mangalore have the opportunity to live their dream in a sought-after location with great amenity, great liveability and most importantly, at a price that is affordable.

At Bhandary Builders, we believe the great Mangalorean dream of families owning their own home should never be beyond reach. Bhandary Builders follows stringent processes in order to deliver development projects from concept to completion. Our entire team works seamlessly to bring the best outcome.

Founded in 2003, Bhandary Builders has grown to be one of the leading Mangalorean property group. Bhandary Builders is a versatile property group with activities covering property development and constructions.

With a strict and diverse operating structure, Bhandary Builders actively organises the entire development and investment process from concept to completion. The various operating divisions of Bhandary Builders work together to achieve the common goal of delivering carefully planned and designed property developments along with increased value and returns for the investors.

Our History



The company got incorporated and moved into a much broader market, with people recognizing its emergence.



The company was established in 2003, originally to meet a strong demand for independent villas in Mangalore and then trending towards multi-unit apartments and gated communities.


To be perceived as the market leader, the trend setter and to maintain and develop a varied property development business which add value for clients and stakeholders.


To deliver our projects with significant market impact and earn maximum customer satisfaction by offering the best project features, quality, value and customer service.

Quality Policy

Bhandary Builders has dedicated much time and resources ensuring that all aspects of Quality are covered. Our in-house systems have been tested and measured against the industry’s highest of standards.

With many employees on its building sites, Bhandary Builders has a commitment to ensuring the safety of all its staff always comes before profits and deadlines. Along with adding value to investor wealth, Bhandary Builders has a commitment to each and every stakeholder.

Safety is at the heart of Bhandary Builders ‘ business culture with complete safety procedures as well as external safety audits.

Bhandary Builders believes in the significance of client satisfaction, quality-based management and bases its quality policy on the following values:

  • To provide the best possible solutions to Clients, through evaluation of their needs and demands.
  • To match every quality standards with respect to the project at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions, legalities, and other mandatory standards
  • To practise modern and valid techniques, material and management systems

We are committed to evolving our systems and processes whilst maintaining high quality standards.

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