Gone are the days, when people used to buy the same colored curtains and sofa covers for all the rooms. Now the trend has totally changed. Today, we decide on a theme for different rooms and look for the best home decoration and furnishing items for each corner. Be it a lounge, drawing room, living room, kids play, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or the stairways,  the contemporary home buyers want every area to be enlivened in its own style. Bhandary Builders Providing Luxury Flas in Mangalore

Home decor with Indian textiles is a revelation of your personality, a way to say who you are without having to speak. Indian fabrics are classic, aesthetic, rich and traditional. Its contemporary style can enliven any home décor. It is available in a variety of woven patterns, mix and match designs, colors and styles, representing the diversified culture of India and can be used for curtains, upholstery, cushions, bed covers, pillows, table linen, utensil covers, lampshades and to grace the wall panels, as well. One can consciously make a collage of different fabrics, to create a unique feel. Even today, Indian textiles retain much of the traditional charm and originality, because of its multi-ethnic culture.  

Right combination for the right room.

There’s an idea behind every style, be it classical or an exotic retreat. If you wish to give a bold and vibrant accent to your Lobby, it is preferable to use velvet or leather material with dark tints like red, black or violet. If you wish to add glamour and life to the subtle living room, rich Banarasi brocades in various patterns will take care of it. For a personalized and fun-filled bedroom, it is desirable to incorporate relaxing, mild, soothing colors and textures like light blue, linen or mulmul cotton to reflect a privacy, a beach feeling.  Embroidery works on pashmina material gives your drawing room a pleasant, dramatic and delightful touch. For a contemporary home décor, fancy rich silks and hand weaved fabrics can be used for the upholstery and curtains. A combo of traditional elements with modern ones can give a neutral setting. For wall panels, Kanjeevaram or Patola silks in different colors and patterns can add elegance to your home. To give an exotic touch to your dining table, using Chanderi or Mangalgiri table linen is ideal. Coir carpets with beautiful block printed designs, adds warmth to your home.

Seasonal and Situational Home Decor :

The styles and fabric can be changed based on the seasons and situations. Winter and rainy season demand for heavy and dark tones, while spring and summer home décor calls for light and mild colors. Small rooms look good with small printed fabrics and large rooms with largely printed fabrics.

A home is not a place but a feeling which is complete only with the ideal theme based decor.

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