Property Guide – General

Homes are easily available everywhere but the essential requisite is one can lawfully own a property when an individual fulfills the criteria’s laid down by the legislature. However one would be confronted with few doubts while owning a property.
  • We ensure that all documents are in order and complied with. Title deeds pertaining to the property are handed over with legal opinion.
  • The projects are launched only after compliance of law and sanctioning of license by the competent authority. Irregularities in such documentation can stop the project and can disrupt the financial balance; and also hamper the goodwill of the company.
  • Though we are people endowed with reasoning capacity we do believe in the ancient science of vaastu and all our apartments are vaastu compliant. Under the able guidance of a knowledgeable Vaastu Practitioner the architectural designs and planning are carried out in an effective manner.
  • The maintenance of the building is carried out in an effective manner and the maintenance fees is taken in advance and then passed on when the Residents society is formed.
  • When you become the legitimate owner of the property after the handing over the same you can transfer, alienate, sell the apartment as you are the absolute owner of the said property.
  • Safety comes first and we ensure the safety measures are adhered to and a NOC is granted to that effect.
It is quite natural for a financial institution to look into the general eligibility before granting a loan to an individual.