Quality Policy

Bhandary Builders has dedicated much time and resources ensuring that all aspects of Quality are covered. Our in-house systems have been tested and measured against the industry’s highest of standards.

With many employees on its building sites, Bhandary Builders has a commitment to ensuring the safety of all its staff always comes before profits and deadlines. Along with adding value to investor wealth, Bhandary Builders has a commitment to each and every stakeholder.

Safety is at the heart of Bhandary Builders ‘ business culture with complete safety procedures as well as external safety audits.
Bhandary Builders believes in the significance of client satisfaction, quality-based management and bases its quality policy on the following values:
  • To provide the best possible solutions to Clients, through evaluation of their needs and demands.
  • To match every quality standards with respect to the project at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions, legalities, and other mandatory standards
  • To practise modern and valid techniques, material and management systems
We are committed to evolving our systems and processes whilst maintaining high quality standards.