Owning a home versus living on rent

The debate of owning a home versus living on rent!   It’s a question that most Indians will ask themselves at one point or another in their lifetime: should I buy or rent a home (house/flat)? Those who take the rental often wonder if they’re wasting money. Meanwhile, those who buy wonder whether or not their investment will be worth ... Read More

Dress Up Your Home With Indian Textiles

Gone are the days, when people used to buy the same colored curtains and sofa covers for all the rooms. Now the trend has totally changed. Today, we decide on a theme for different rooms and look for the best home decoration and furnishing items for each corner. Be it a lounge, drawing room, living room, kids play, kitchen, bedroom, ... Read More

9 Tips for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind while talking about balcony gardening is the sprawling grass, lush flowers and the floating water features near your seaside apartment. But for those staying in small or medium size flats in mangalore , where the balcony spaces are limited to 300-400 sq ft, the idea of having a prolific garden is ... Read More

Kadri – The Best Place To Live, Shop and Dine At Mangalore

Best City to live in India – Mangalore Mangalore city selected as No 1 city with the best quality of life to live in Southern Asia https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/region_rankings.jsp?title=2018-mid&region=034 and 46th place in the world by surveys remains arguably as the best city to reside. With top-notch educational institutions and hospitals geared towards creating a warm, embracing environment for new families. Best ... Read More