Are you planning to buy a flat or apartment in Mangalore? Same time worried about the money to be raised for making your dream real? A home loan could be the best, long-term solution for investing in a new home for the coming years. The latest central government budget comes with very relaxing options for property and home buyers. The interest rate for home loans come down from 10 percentage to 8.3 percentage with tax relief up to two lakhs for individuals, making the choice of credits more flexible and affordable for common man.

The majority considers the home loan as a commitment or liability for an elongated period of a lifetime and is always skeptical about the same. If you find some economical and comfortable flats for sale in Mangalore and yearn to buy the same, a home loan can only be the swift and safe solution! If you remain cynical about this common economic resolve opted by many, chances are there that your dream may remain as it is. If you have around the flats or apartments of your preference, we can help you with some smart tips to buy your home on a home loan.

Consolidate Your Finances

Once if you have prepared your mind to buy a home, the next thing to do is to consolidate your funds and figure out each and every source where you can accumulate liquid money. These sources may consist of fixed deposits, mutual funds, debts, revenue from assets, gold etc. Consolidating your finances will help significantly in increasing the down payment and thereby decreasing the loan amount. Lesser loan amount yields lesser EMI which means lesser stress on your monthly budget. In this process of consolidating your finances, be cautious in preserving the funds reserved for retirement, child’s education, marriage etc.

How much loan can you afford?

You should have a detailed idea of how much loan amount you are eligible for as well as how much you can afford.  Generally, the loan amount you can take completely depends on your monthly income. Your assured revenues from other sources can also be considered for calculating the scope and means of repayments. Almost all the loan providers keep the EMI at 30-40% of the net taking home pay. Thus you should put an eye already on the choices for finding the enough monthly funds for net repay. Loan provider’s calculation on how much amount can be provided for you as a house loan is purely based on the assumptions like Interest rate, Loan tenure, Loan amount, Income from other sources etc.

Fix Your Budget

Before you choose to buy a house on home loan, think about the budget well. As per the home loan strategies in India, it is your part to arrange at least 20% of the funding from your own sources. Thus it is very important to fix the budget prior to your decision on the flat or apartment to buy. Always take care to avoid going out of the budget that may haunt you later in the form of unexpected financial crisis.

Check CIBIL score

Criss Cross your CIBIL Score before you apply for a loan to avoid future co

nfusions. CIBIL Score is basically the numeric summary of your credit history, completely based on your past credit payment across different types of loan and financial institutions over a specific period of time. In India, CIBIL Score of 750 or more is essential to avail home loan. You can obtain the credit report online or from the credit bureaus. The RBI has made it mandatory that an individual should get at least one free base-level credit report in a year.

Find the best loan provider

After having an upright understanding and decision on all the aforementioned particulars, the next prime factor is to identify the best loan provider or lender. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Credit Institutions etc. can provide you the home loan need to make the acquisition easy. Since there are countless financial institutions and banks operating in Mangalore, it will be a daunting task to identify the appropriate one for you.

Primarily, check for the eligibility criteria, EMI and

LTV options raised by the different loan providers. Make a comparison of the same. The rate of interest on the loan will influence the EMI and the total interest paid by you, so consider the factors before applying for the home loan. Also, find out whether the rates are fixed or floating. Fixed rates are safer and tension free. Have a detailed study of the common factors that are generally hidden from the public by most of the financial lenders and choose the most competitive one.

Almost all the loan providers will be devising a processing fee for handing out the loan. There are also some legal fees associated with home loan approval and disbursal. Make sure you apprehend them well before choosing the provider. Lenders will also be having a set of terms and conditions related to the loan and repayment. You must be clear with all the rapports related to the loan before you decide on one loan provider.

Choose the best home loan

In the phases, selecting out the most appropriate loan is the core and crucial part. Once you complete comparing home loans of different providers and their varied schemes, pick the one you feel most suitable for you. Always check for the penalty clauses, repayment options, and tenure period etc. of the home loan scheme. Develop an understanding over steep rate hikes on fixed interest based loans that may come across the period of your loan. Also, try to get familiar with terms such as daily diminishing and monthly diminishing regarding the deduction of EMI. Above all making a look at the Home Loan Amortization Chart will be always worth.

Seek the help of experts

To buy your dream home at Mangalore, you can seek the support of reputed experts like Bhandary Builders, who can aid you with the right property and right options for the home loan. When you are going for a big deal like a home loan, that can offer you an asset for a lifetime, it is always nice to strive for the guidance and assistance of industry specialists.

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