Investing in real estate yields long-term returns, including the price appreciation in future. Little things mean a lot when it comes to selling your home and getting a great price for it or even when quoting your monthly rentals. As we head into the hottest selling season, use some or all of these strategies to help you leverage all you can against the competition and boost the resale value of your apartment to get the best deal for your home when it comes to selling your property or monthly rentals.

  1. Enhance your curb appeal: First impressions sell your home. As soon as a potential buyer drives up to your house, they’re making judgments — and a messy exterior or an old main door could cost you. Don’t neglect the entrance of your home as this is what catches a prospective buyer’s eye in the first 5 seconds. Give a fresh coat of varnish to and enhance its appeal.
  1. Apply a fresh coat of paint when it wears of: While painting is important to make the house look new and fresh, one must also consider the fact that the future buyer may want to paint the house as per his/her requirement. Neutral palettes can be preferred while painting the house. Shades of white and beige can work well over pink, blue and other bright colors. Basic texture shades can also be used.
  1. Refresh your kitchen design: Make the apartment look more appealing by upgrading your kitchen according to the modern decor and design trends.
  1. Pest Control: Always make sure there’s proper ventilation and ensure as much natural lighting as possible, in your apartment. Also, keep the bugs, termites and rodents at bay by investing in good pest control.
  1. Keep your property documents handy: One of the major benefits of selling old properties is that the sellers possess all the legal property documents that can be transferred to the new buyers. Usually, buyers are reluctant to buy under-construction apartments due to the unavailability of all the documents and uncertainty regarding the possession date.
  1.   Declutter: Ensure to get rid of anything you don’t need. By having less stuff around, you’ll have less stuff laying around, letting you keep your apartment tidy easily.

PRO TIP: if you need some motivation, head over to a consignment shop to make some cash off your old stuff!

Apart from the tips above, it is always a safe bet to invest in the properties of a credible builder who has a long-standing reputation, so as to get a good resale value in future.

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