In India, real estate is considered the most profitable investment with guaranteed returns. From 2 or 3 BHK flats to luxury apartments, real estate companies in Mangalore are coming up with a wide range of housing projects. And this spurt of real estate developments by the top developers in Mangalore is attracting investors from the city and other parts of the country. Still not convinced? Here we give you five reasons to invest in Mangalore real estate:

Reasons To Invest In Mangalore: Why Mangalore Is Booming In Real Estate

1. Availability of Properties in centrally located areas

In the past three years, the real estate development in Mangalore has seen a rapid growth. Residential structures by top real estate companies in Mangalore are coming up in posh localities such as Kodialbail, Pinto Lane, and Kadri.  Redevelopments have started these parts of the city, and now, both buyers and builders can get good properties in centrally located areas.

2. Top-Notch Healthcare Facilities

Mangalore ranks 12th in the global list for healthcare, beating even some of the major cities in countries like Australia, Japan and the UK. It is due to the fact that Mangalore has some of India’s most sought-after medical facilities, colleges, and hospitals. The wide availability of healthcare professionals, advanced medical technology and health infrastructure is also making it a booming destination of medical tourism.

3. Development of the suburbs

The city is continuously expanding. With improving infrastructure and connectivity, many top developers in Mangalore are moving to areas such as Kadri, Bejai, and Kottara. In the past few years, these areas have come under focus mainly due to the planned developmental activities and social infrastructure development taking place in these areas. With a wide gamut of options from leading real estate companies in Mangalore, these areas are attracting lots of investment.

4. High Quality Of Living Index On A Global Level

A high quality of life means a good work-life balance, access to quality healthcare, education, and infrastructure, as well as cost of living and career opportunities. Mangalore tops the charts in India with its high quality of living index.

5. Affordable Property Prices

In terms of investment, compared to other cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi, Mangalore has always been a safe bet.  Mangalore offers an affordable range of housing to all classes of people. Compared to the investment, returns are much promising in Mangalore. Moreover, the real estate market in Mangalore has always remained stable as this city is an end-user driven market. In other words, compared to supply, the demands of real estate is always high. However, this gap is covered as many top developers in Mangalore are coming up with many residential projects throughout prime locations in the city.

6. The Chances of Price Escalation

Properties in newly developed areas such as Kadri and Kottara have greater chances of price escalation. Due to such tremendous growth opportunities, demand for property in these parts of the city is also witnessing an increase. You can book your property with a token money and then pay the remaining amount till your possession of the property. Within that period, the prices of the property increase and you can sell the property off at higher rates, even before you have paid the entire sum of the property you have bought. This is yet another reason why investing in real estate is remunerating in Mangalore.

7. Laid Back Culture

In Mangalore, you’ll find a completely laid-back way of life. How could you not feel relaxed when you’re on a beautiful city full of beaches, lush green mountains, and beautiful green hills?  In addition, there are excellent work opportunities where meritocracy is widely recognized. A peaceful city with beautiful landscapes, sound economy, and upscale neighborhoods make this an awesome place to live in. Combine that with good tasty food, impeccably polite people, and a seamless transport system, making Mangalore an envy of the world.

8. Quality Education

The city is an emerging education hub and has got some of India’s major engineering and medical colleges like NITK and KMC. Mangalore’s literacy rate is 94.03 percent, which is significantly higher than the national average.

The bottom line is, Mangalore has become a center of real estate investment. And, the opportunities will be growing in the coming days as top real estate companies are investing in Mangalore. If you are planning to buy a property in Mangalore, you can check out our newly built, Bhandary Park Inn and Bhandary Heights located in the most sought-after regions of Mangalore. We have many completed and upcoming projects in and around the city.

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