Bhandary Builders is committed to building affordable, quality & amenity-rich apartments and helping Mangaloreans realize their dream of owning their own home in Mangalore. Our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. Each element has a rich meaning at its core and represents various aspects of our effort to make affordable living possible in the most sought-after destinations of Mangalore.

Ours is a story of progress with much-satisfied customers. Since 1999, Bhandary Builders have been well-recognized in the heart of Mangalore. The roots of the Mangalorean tradition have been the core value of our team. We have shown our potential growth over the past years. Likewise, our logo, showcasing the stacked infrastructure represents the perpetual growth of the company. Through, our value-added services, promising deliverance of projects at an affordable cost without compromising on its quality, we have always been delighted to uplift our customers in this journey. We believe that our strong values are the roots of becoming a pinnacle in this very industry. Our construction team and financial analysis team are the pillars of our institution.

Financial Analysis – The Building Block Of Our Successful Projects

Our team undergoes a detailed study on the finances of each individual project before its commission. This helps both us and our customers the services in terms of economics and other financial resources. This policy of ours has strongly contributed towards our growth. A sustainable financial sector is an important fact for all.

Our Deliverance as Per Promises

Over the years, we have showcased our ability to combine the ethnic traditional theme with the futuristic contemporary layouts. We always feel honored in being able to deliver our promises on time. We are known for our strong and lasting relationships with our best suppliers around the globe, who never fail to give us the assured services of all.

Indulgence of the Excellence

We bring the quality changes that each family and individual desires on. Bringing a better social status to the lifestyle of our customers, we are prominent in redefining the very same. Bhandary is a promise, an identity for growth towards the top. Our team of both organized experts and experienced professionals bring forth innovations in engineering and facilities, so as in providing the best of services. We offer our customers the finest of living experiences.

Prime Locations

We offer our infrastructure facilities in the most centralized locations that allow easy access to all the other services requisite. We improve with the needs of urbanization by giving the strongest attention to detailing. We provide our customers the posh address that they invest upon on is truly the worth.

Our Green Policy

Though, we never do neglect the sustaining of the ecology around us. Unlike others, destructing the greens for increasing needs; we live by sustainable development and conservation of energy and resources, which on a long run, affects our clients in a much positive way. We constantly endeavor to keep our deemed customers happy and healthy.

The New Rising

We stand with 11 completed projects and very much satisfied clients. Our ongoing projects – Bhandary Park Inn & Bhandary Heights, two most prestigious projects of ours is another promising endeavor to our potential clients. Bhandary Heights offering its immense luxurious amenities with breathtaking sea view and lush greenery. Bhandary Park Inn offering its premium quality comfort under the best budgets available. We assure to establish an architectural brilliance. Both offer 24 X 7 surveillance that keeps our families safe and assured.

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